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Chain of sushi restaurants

Sushi to your door which can be delivered all over Prague

Sushi is a common title for a great amount of little meals which are made with sushi-meshi (rice with vinegar, salt and sugar and also with combination of others ingredients).


Innovation and attraction

Gift cards offer innovation and attraction how to treat your friends, family or business partners with a mouth-watering experience to our unique Prague’s sushi restaurants. The holder of the gift card can pay with this card as with normal card and also you can top-it up anytime you like.

New attractive corporate presents

The gift cards can be used as a present for your business partners, key accounts and employees.

New way of motivating and remuneration

Gift cards are also suitable for remuneration or motivation of your own employees or business partners.

Effective selling or marketing tool

Gift cards can be also used for incentive packs with your own products or your service. These gift cards can be also part of your advertising or selling activities.

Gift cards SUSHI POINT are sold in all of our restaurants.

Orders over 10 cards please forward to email or on phone number +420 731 448 672.


Dárková karta

Gift cards also offer:

  • Can be charged for any amount
  • Can be re-charged
  • Its valid for 36 months
  • Easy and compact card
  • You will also receive an envelope for the card
  • The card is valid in any
    Sushi Point restaurant